Still unsure about how cashback works? Pay attention, because this trick will help you save a lot on your purchases from now on.

Some companies, like Booking.com, pay a commission to those who bring them customers.

For instance, imagine you read a blog post about "the 10 best hotels in Riviera Maya." If you click on a link and end up booking one of those hotels on Booking, the blog receives a small commission from that reservation you've made.

Booking is happy to pay the blogger because he brought a new customer.

But, what if you could "bring yourself" to Booking and collect that commission yourself? Booking.com would refund part of the money spent on the reservation, making your trip cheaper.

Sounds incredible, but it can be done!


This refund is called cashback, and to get it, you need to go through an authorized intermediary like (they pay well and have excellent customer service).

They ensure that your commission is charged to Booking, and then pay you via PayPal or however you prefer. Obviously, they keep a small part of this commission - they don't do it out of the goodness of their heart.

The best part is that the cashback we recommend not only works with Booking but also in hundreds of stores like AliExpress, Shein, Wish, Temu, Amazon (in some countries), Walmart, BestBuy...


It's super easy; all you have to do is:

  • Register .
  • (Recommended) Install their , so you'll be notified when you visit a store compatible with the cashback
  • (Recommended) Install their or

Then, when you're about to make a Booking reservation, remember to first enter the cashback website or app, search for Booking, and click on the link they provide.

This step is crucial: by entering Booking through the link provided by the cashback service, Booking knows they have to pay the cashback site, and the cashback site knows they need to pay you.

Once on Booking, make your reservation as usual, and after a few days, you'll see your balance reflected in your cashback account.

We hope you save a lot with this tip!